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Saturday, January, 14th 2006
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Topsail Publishing, Inc. knows that one of the biggest costs of doing business is advertising. How to spend those precious marketing dollars can be a major decision. In today’s competitive atmosphere, you need to put your money where it counts.

We understand that need and have the answer for you. By using the Internet, technology’s powerful new tool, you reap the benefits of having potential customers brought to your doorstep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Internet is a fairly new avenue for advertising. Even in it’s infancy stages, it’s a commanding resource for those that want to reach new customers but also create a user-friendly atmosphere for their current customers as well.

Topsail Publishing, Inc. makes that happen.

Topsail Publishing’s is exclusively about the Topsail Island area. With a few clicks, visitors can read stories about the island and surrounding towns, gather real estate information, browse the classifieds and even shop at the new iMall, an incredible new avenue for retailers and shoppers alike.

Why not let us make the best of your advertising budget? We get the job done by bringing prospective clients right to your door.

Let us put your business on the forefront. We’re here to help you get noticed!

April Rosset is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Topsail Publishing, Inc. She can be reached at 910-619-7506 or you can email April at april Johanna Whitehead is our local sales representative. She can be reached at 910-328-4094 or emailed at johanna

Why not give us a call and let us work for you?

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Note: All Ads are priced according to page level.

Level 1 = Full Price
Level 2 = 10% discount
Level 3 = 15% discount
Level 4 = 20% discount
Level 5 = 25% discount

The Content Ad (300x250)

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The content ad is the most viewed ad on a page. Mainly because it is strategically placed right in the middle of normal page content!

330 x 250 Ad @ 75dpi, Business Name, Website address if applicable.


The Skyscraper Ad (120x600)

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The second most viewed ad on a page, but also the largest! Which makes it a competitor with the Content Ad!

120 x 600 Ad @ 75dpi.


The Footer Ad (468x60)

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The third most viewed ad on a page, also the 2nd largest! Not to mention it is placed in the center with the rest of the page content.

468 x 60 Ad @ 75dpi.

The Box Ad (125x130)

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The smallest and 4th most viewed ad on the page! Small ad, Small price, big results.

125 x 130 Ad @ 75dpi.

Full Page Ad (650x???)

Price: $1250 Per month
The full page ad can be linked to via Content, Skyscraper, footer or box ad at an additional discounted price. Page can include pictures, text and links to other websites. EX:

Page Content, Images (if desired ), Links, and ad type(if desired)

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