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Saturday, January, 14th 2006
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Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

Sneads Ferry has long been a quiet little fishing village located along the New River south of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base on the mainland across the intracoastal waterway from North Topsail Beach which is the northern top of

Topsail Island.

The New River joins the Intracoastal Waterway at Sneads Ferry and access to the Atlantic Ocean is quite easy. Sneads Ferry has been an active commercial fishing community taking in more fish than any other Onslow County port. Sneads Ferry is a great place to find shrimp, oysters, fish and scallops to fit most every seafood taste.

Sneads Ferry History

Edmund Ennett was granted the first license in 1725 to operate a ferry in the Sneads Ferry area. There are still some of Edmund Ennett’s descendants residing in the region. Originally call the "Lower Ferry", Sneads Ferry was an important link for postal delivery between Virginia and South Carolina, as well as for news of Revolutionary War battles in the 1770’s. The Sneads Ferry village is believed to have first been settled in 1775, making it the oldest settlement in Onslow County. The ferry was operated for more than 200 years. A wooden bridge replaced the ferry in 1939. Today, the bridge is a new high-rise span.

Sometime around the 1750’s, attorney Robert Snead moved to the area to operate a tavern.

When Robert Snead took over as the new ferry operator in 1760, the "Lower Ferry" was renamed "Sneads Ferry" in honor of Mr. Snead. It is important to note that Robert Snead himself has an interesting history. It is said he shot and killed revolutionary war hero George W. Mitchell over a political argument. After being tried and convicted, Robert Snead received full pardon from then Governor Richard Dobbs Spaight. Some have questioned the honesty of that pardon.

World War II

As the world turned to war in the 1940’s, Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base was established just north of Sneads Ferry. In 1971 the Snead’s Ferry Community Council was organized and the annual Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival was first celebrated. Now a two-day event, the annual shrimp festival is Sneads Ferry’s major fund-raiser drawing interest from all over. From its proceeds, the town established a 14-acre community park as well as built a 7200 sq. ft. Shrimp Festival Community Building, located at 126 Park Lane.

Sneads Ferry Community Resources

  • Sneads Ferry Library
    Phone: (910) 327-6471
    242 Sneads Ferry Rd
    Sneads Ferry, NC
  • Sneads Ferry Sanitation
    Phone: (910) 327-3900
    237 Owl LN
    Sneads Ferry, NC
  • Sneads Ferry Community Center
    Phone: (910) 327-3335
    126 Park Ln
    Sneads Ferry, NC
  • Sneads Ferry Rescue Squad
    Phone: (910) 327-2966
    114 Park Ln
    Sneads Ferry, NC
  • Sneads Ferry Fire House
    Phone: (910) 327-3055
    1576 Old Folkstone Rd
    Sneads Ferry, NC
  • Sneads Ferry Volunteer Fire
    Phone: (910) 327-3055
    1698 Old Folkstone Rd
    Sneads Ferry, NC

Sneads Ferry Business Services:

  • Sea Witch Antiques
    Phone: (910) 539-4949
    1109 North Sneads Ferry Rd
    Sneads Ferry, NC
  • H2 SEO, LLC
    Phone: (910) 548-1820
    172 Sherrill Loop Rd
    Sneads Ferry, NC

Interactive Map of Sneads Ferry, NC 28460, US

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