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Topsail Island Weather

Provided by Joe Ebner of
Topsail Weather

UPDATED 11/02/2006 6:00pm LST

Just How Accurate IS the Weather Forecast?

We see it on the evening news. We hear it on the radio. We read it in the newspaper and on the Web.

There is even an entire TV channel devoted to it.

What is it? The weather, of course.

Everyone is interested in the weather forecast. We use the weather forecast to plan our lives. Vacations and time off work all revolve around the weather. Businesses often depend on the weather forecast.

Whether you need to know the weather forecast for personal reasons, or your livelihood depends on it, it’s important to us that the forecast be as accurate as possible.

But just how accurate are those forecasts?

It might surprise you to learn that the good ole’ National Weather Service tops the list for accuracy when it comes to forecasting the weather in the Wilmington area - which includes the Topsail Island area.

Last month, the NWS digital forecast was right on the money over 76 percent of the time. That beats The Weather Channel’s nearly 68 percent.

For all of last year, the NWS came in at nearly 76 percent accuracy versus the Weather Channel at 73 percent.

NWS Digital Forecast: 76.44%
Accuweather: 69.68%
MyForecast: 69.54%
The Weather Channel: 67.82%
Intellicast: 65.80%

NWS: 75.62%
MyForecast: 73.56%
The Weather Channel: 73.14%
Accuweather: 73.02%
Intellicast: 71.55%

You may notice that Wunderground isn’t mentioned. Wunderground repackages the NWS forecasts and does not do any actual forecasting on its own. Therefore, Wunderground forecast accuracy will be the same as the NWS.

TopsailWeather.com also uses data and forecasts supplied by the NWS.

(Source: ForecastAdvisor.com)

For the complete forecast and current beach conditions 24/7 in real time, visit Topsail Weather.

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